KAM Corporation

Standard Industrial Chemicals Manufacturer Supplier

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Manufacturer & Supplier of Standard Industrial Chemicals

KAM Corporation is a leading company manufacturing, exporting and supplying Sulphuric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Nitric Acid and Ammonia Solution. Today we have been recognized and rewarded for our performance all over the world.

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Makes the best and efficient use of all raw materials

KAM Corporation are known for standardized products. The best products are delivered by our suppliers’ o our customers. We learn from the world leaders in this field and innovate ourselves to meet our client’s needs. Maintenance of strict and safe work environment is ensured by us. A testing process is followed through out the production to maintain our quality.

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Offering highly beneficial Chemicals and Compounds..

We hold ourselves to high standards in accountability, empowerment and high performance and follow the same discipline when it comes to managing our individual performance. A set of well qualified laborers is behind our success till now. Trying individual results to compensation is an important part of our culture.

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We understand our clients and act accordingly..

Our product ranges from Sulphuric acid cp/LR/AR Grade, Nitric Acid cp/LR/AR Grade, Hydrochloric Acid cp/LR/AR Grade and Ammonia Solution cp/LR/AR Grade.